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 Why outsource?

In entrusting the management of your contact centers to Teleperformance you bring together four major commercial benefits: 

Reactivity: We possess the technological infrastructure, skills and methodologies required to rapidly deploy and manage your programs, while proactively adapting to changes in your markets. 

Flexibility: We give you the ability to handle fluctuations in business volume without having to manage the difficult issue of redeploying human resources. 

Economic control: We make investments so that you can manage your costs with complete flexibility, retain your own investment capacity, and minimize your risk. 

Expertise: You benefit from specialist experience in your industry and our proven track record of deploying the most effective and relevant solutions in terms of marketing and technology.

 What are you doing in BPO?

Teleperformance offers a variety of CRM contact center business process outsourcing (BPO) services for our clients ranging from simple data entry and white paper handling to more complex specialty services such as warranty claims. We handle millions of CRM BPO transactions a year, generally in support of live or automated contact handling inquiries. We have particularly strong capacities to handle large customer care BPO volumes in our offshore sites, based on time zone differences and staffing patterns. When possible, we integrate BPO data entry or administrative functions during a live agent call to maximize the customer experience and the client supply chain efficiencies.

 How do you guarantee the highest quality level of service in the different contacts you manage?

Teleperformance offers real-time, daily and compiled tracking of all key metrics including service levels, staffing, traffic, quality, productivity, satisfaction, financial performance, system reliability, HR and all other required key performance indicators (KPIs). Our dedicated quality assurance specialists collaborate jointly with their client peers on a daily basis in many cases. Additionally, Teleperformance conducts comprehensive formal monthly and quarterly business reviews to analyze and improve quality, processes and performance systematically. More than 50% of our subsidiaries are either COPC or ISO9001:2000 certified, thus ensuring our ongoing performance improvement and optimal quality for our clients and their customers.

 What type of well-being programs are you running for your employees?

At Teleperformance, there are three key stages in our Human Resources Policy: 

  • Integration with recruitment and initial training;
  • Motivation with ongoing monitoring, coaching and performance management;
  • Capitalization with ongoing training and individual career development.

 How do you retain agents?

Our philosophy is to retain quality agents. The job as an agent is not necessarily a temporary activity, but quite on the contrary. Most of our managers have acquired hands-on experience in the field. This shows that good agents can evolve and receive higher responsibilities within the company throughout their career. Moreover good people are compensated by awards and promotions based on strict measurements mixing quantitative and qualitative criteria.

 How do you test language capabilities for international or offshore projects?

We test language capabilities for international projects with native speakers. Often our clients attend these tests to control the level of language competency accepted. When it comes to offshore operations, we also provide accent neutralization trainings, including cultural courses in order to obtain a complete, all-around native capability.

 What is the difference between onshore, nearshore and offshore?

Onshore is an outsourcing solution conducted in the domestic country. Nearshore activity is performed through a close delocalization of geography (for example Poland for Germany), whereas the offshore solutions are conducted in even more distant countries (like the Philippines for U.S.).

 What percentage of your business is offshore?

Our offshore activities represent 20% of the total revenue of the Group.

 You are a decentralized group, so what is your true experience in managing global accounts?

We work successfully for many of the world’s largest multinational companies who require single (or primary) points-of-contact responsible for overseeing the overall client relationship. Depending on the client’s requirements, the primary point-of-contact may be an Executive of one of our Global Business Development Teams or a Senior Executive from one of our operating companies. In short, we are completely flexible based on what is best for the client to optimize communications and collaboration. In addition to a primary point-of-contact (along with back-ups to ensure superior responsiveness at all times), the client is, of course, fully supported with other functional contacts for daily operational management in all facilities and countries where we operate for them. We also jointly develop escalation routines with each client organization to ensure an effective communications hierarchy.

 How can automation optimize cost per transaction without decreasing quality of service?

For Teleperformance, automation does not only mean lower costs. We have developed automation solutions to reduce the tasks with no quality added value when delivered by agents. Moreover we increase quality with our expertise in developing speech adapted to customer’s needs. Our IVR expertise mixed with our Advanced Speech Recognition tools help us to deliver increased quality of service.

 What makes you different from your competitors?

Teleperformance has the largest geographic operating footprint in the industry in the world. The financial strength and health of the Group allows for a vast multicultural presence enabling us to provide solutions to local clients as well as to provide a variety of management solutions suited to our clients’ organizational structure. Moreover, Teleperformance has recently divested of all business units not contact center based, in order to unite our forces and focus on what we do best - management of customer relationships. We are experts in CRM/BPO and our contact center business continually brings measurable added value to our clients via our four areas of expertise: Human Resources, Quality, Technology and Marketing.

 How do you add enough value to be competitive with an in-house contact center solution?

‘Enough Value’ is always subjective matter depending on your expectations and those of your clients. Value may be measured internally as a fiscal indicator or externally as a ‘customer experience’. Teleperformance offers multiple packages and solutions, which bring true bottom-line revenue enhancement by balancing the needs of your operations and those of the market. 

We are the leaders in generating value across the entire lifecycle of your customer, from acquisition and retention through to service and support. The tools, systems, people and management, which has been developed over more than 20 years in this industry, has proved to be a real differentiator for us.

 How can you make the contact center a true profit center rather than just a cost center?

By taking out your cost of infrastructure and overhead while delivering programs which enhance your customer ‘stickiness’, by developing sales and marketing campaigns which drive profit for you, while allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

 How do you manage the issue of people retention and motivation in an industry seen as treating people as a commodity?

Teleperformance recognize that our industry is built upon people. Without the constant development and training of our people, we will fail. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have a demonstrable track record of success over the years and are growing from year to year.